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Finding Open Image Collections: Image & Music Use Guide

This guide is to assist you in better understanding the various license agreements available when accessing images on the internet. Here you will find information on licencing, how to cite images for your papers and presentations, as well as an ever-growi

Image Collections


All Bristol staff, faculty, and students must follow the copyright policy at Bristol Community College which encourages students and instructors to use images that permit educational use from an open image license such as a creative commons license, or images that have "Terms of Use" that permit educational use.

These collections have been selected by our Library Team to assist students and instructors with sourcing images permitted for educational use.

Please review the Image Use instructions for licensing and use restrictions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us. 


DisclaimerWe have done our best to label these collections appropriately but because Flickr, Google, and other search engines rely on web crawlers and user-generated content, there are sometimes errors in the labelling of usage rights.  It is your responsibility to do further research if you encounter an object you think maybe copyrighted (for example, if it has a watermark or says all rights reserved). All Bristol CC Staff, Faculty and Students are required to comply with copyright at Bristol Community College.