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Early Childhood Education: Books & eBooks

This guide provides starting points for research in Early Childhood Education.

Searching for Books at BCC Libraries

Use the library catalog to find print books, electronic books, and streaming videos. The SAILS Library Catalog allows BCC students to request books from any SAILS Library through the catalog interface as long as the student has registered their BCC Campus Card.

Search the Catalog

Catalog search for books about Early Childhood Education.

Type your keywords into the search box on the library home page, then hit enter. You will be searching not only BCC titles, but books in the entire SAILS Catalog.

Try These Books

This is just a sampling of the books available to you in BCC Library System.  Books may be located in Attleboro, Fall River, or New Bedford. The location is noted in the Call Number

Useful Handout

Why should I look in books?

Why should you do research in books?

  • Books provide in-depth coverage of a topic
  • Books often provide valuable background information on a topic
  • Books can also provide an overview of all issues pertaining to a topic
  • Books can lead readers to other sources through their bibliographies

You do not necessarily have to read an entire book for every research paper you have to do.  Utilize the index and the chapter titles to narrow down which section of the book is most pertinent to your research.

Library of Congress Classification System

BCC Libraries shelve books according to the Library of Congress Classification System.  Titles for Early Childhood Education can be found under the headings below.  You can browse the shelves in the following call number ranges:

  • HQ767.8 - 792.2 : Children.  Child development including child rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights.
  • HV888 - 907 : Children with disabilities.
  • K3704 - 3762 : Federal laws governing education.
  • KFM2401 - 2999 : Laws governing Massachusetts (including education).
  • LB : Theory & Practice of Education
    • LB1050.9 - 1091 : Educational psychology.
    • LB1101 - 1139 : Child study
    • LB1139.2 - 1139.5 : Early childhood education
    • LB1140 - 1140.5 : Preschool education. Nursery schools.
    • LB1141 - 1489 : Kindergarten.
    • LB1501 - 1547 : Primary education
    • LB1555 - 1602 : Elementary and public school education.
  • LC : Special Aspects of Education
    • LC980 - 1099.5 : Types of education.
    • LC1390 - 5160.3 : Education of special classes of persons.