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Long Descriptions of images in Guides: How To Attribute Creative Commons Images

How To Attribute Creative Commons Images

How to Attribute Creative Commons Images

All current Creative Commons licenses with the exception of CC0 require attribution. While there is not necessarily a specific standardized way to provide attribution, at minimum the following information should be provided as the source when available.

NOTE: Alternate style or format can be requested by the creator of the image or as a requirement of an assignment.  Please use citation style guides where required.

#1 Title

  • Title of the work (if available)
  • Link to where the work is hosted

#2 Author

  • Name (pseudonym or username) of Author
  • Link to Author Profile

#3 Source

  • Name of source
  • Link to Source or publishing body

#4 CC License

  • Creative Commons License type with applicable layers
  • Link to Creative Commons License Terms

Where to Place Attribution Information


Title Author Source License

Acroynm:  TASL

This order Should be used when assembling the source information outline above

Preferred Location

The ideal location for attribution is below an image.

Acceptable Location

It is okay to include your attribution at the end of a document or creative work.

Copyright Notices

Sometimes errors in the labeling of usage right as Creative Commons.  It is your responsibility to do further research if you encounter an object you think may be copyrighted (for example, if it has a watermark or says all rights reserved).

Do NOT remove copyright notices on images.

Always use images in accordance with their respective licenses and terms of use.