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PSY255: Abnormal Psychology (Devane): Home


Welcome to the Research Guide for PSY255, Abnormal Psychology. This research guide will assist you in locating resources for your two assignments regarding Personality.  Please contact a BCC Librarian at any campus library if you have questions.

What is Personality?


From the Curriculum connections psychology book in Credo Reference:

Abnormal psychology is the area of psychological investigation concerned with understanding the nature of individual pathologies of the mind, mood, and behavior. It addresses dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in functioning and a response that is not typical or culturally expected. Such dysfunction should be considered on a continuum, rather than solely whether it is present or absent. Clinical assessment and diagnosis are important processes in the understanding and treatment of abnormal behavior, or psychopathology. Clinical assessment involves the evaluation of psychological, biological, and social factors in an individual presenting with abnormal behavior or symptoms of a possible psychological disorder. Diagnosis refers to the determination of whether reported problems or symptoms meet the criteria of a psychological disorder. As there are no specific lab tests to identify the presence of a disorder, diagnosis depends on the client report of symptoms, clinician observation of behavior, and signs from a mental status examination. 

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