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ENG101: College Writing (Ucci): Research Tips & Thesis Questions



Tips for your writing your thesis statement:

Tips on choosing a topic:

Choose one of these:

  • Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: Is This Segregation?
  • School Shootings" What are the Appropriate Preventative Methods?
  • Gun Legislation versus Second Amendment Rights
  • Minimum Wage: Does an increase help or hinder?
  • Is the value of a College Education worth the cost?
  • Campus Sexual Assault: How Safe is the Average Female Student?
  • Addiction Pertaining to the Regional Opioid Crisis: Disease or Personal Choice?
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Are we doing enough?
  • School Choice: Charter Schools versus Public Academic Institutions
  • Animals Abuse: Are Offenders Getting a Slap on the Wrist?

Brainstorm a few ideas, then do some quick search to see what kind of data is available.

  • Write a thesis question that is clear, complex, and focused.
  • Locate reliable and credible statistics.
  • Consider the opposite side of the issue- what is the debate?