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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics): Articles & Databases

This guide will explore educational and career-oriented resources relevant to fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Recommended Databases for STEM-related Information

We recommend that you explore the following databases when doing research for academic articles in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

Keyword Searching with Boolean

Keyword searching uses the words AND, OR, and NOT as connectors between keyword terms to tell a database or catalog how to search according to a system of Boolean logic.


1.     Turn your research question into keywords:

                    How does possitive communication effect business relationships?

communication            "business relationship"*

*"Quotes" are used to indicate a phrase is being searched for.  Put quotes around two-or-more word phrases.

2.    Make a list of synonyms for each of the concepts:

Communication                                    "Business Relationaship"

speech                                                 Partnership

                                                                  "Work Arrangement"

 3.    Use Boolean logic to connect these keywords into a search statement.

 communication and "business relationship"

Your results will show only articles that contain both words.

 communication or speech

Your results will show only articles in which at least one of the terms in each circle appears.

 communication not "work arrangement"

Your results will show only articles in which the world communication appears, but not the phrase "work arrangement." It is best to use “not” only when excluding terms.

 4.    Use Truncation to pick up plurals or alternative endings.

 The truncation symbol in the majority of the databases is anasterisk (*), but some databases will recognize a question mark (?), hash mark (#), or exclamation point (!).


employ* : employee, employed, or employment