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Welcome! This guide was created to assist you in finding sources for History 111 from the Bristol Community Colleges' Libraries.


Welcome! This guide was created to help BCC students find books, articles and other sources for their history 111 projects.

It provides an overview of search strategies, good background sources to begin your research with, hints on how to use the library catalog and databases to find the best books and articles for you paper, help with citing your sources and how to get further help if you need it.Use the tab tops above to help you.


Library of Congress Classification System

Academic Libraries are different from the Public Library classification system you may be used to. Here is a handy guide to the Library of Congress classfication system we use.  The call letter prefixes below will direct you to where in the collections

(both general and reference) you can find materials dealing with the stated topic:

C Auxiliary Sciences of History (General).

CB History of Civilization.

CC Archaeology.

CD Diplomatics, Archives, Seals.

CE Calendar, Technical Chronology.

CJ Numismatics, Coins, Medals.

CN Inscriptions, Epigraphy.

CR Heraldry.

CS Genealogy.

CT General Biography.

D General World History.

DA Great Britian.

DAW Central Europe.

DB Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

DC France.

DD Germany.

DE The Mediterranean Region.

DF Greece.

DG Italy.

DH Belgium, Luxemburg.

DJ Netherlands (Holland).

DK Russia and former Soviet Republics.

DL Northern Europe, Scandinavia.

DP Spain, Portugal.

DQ Switzerland.

DR Balkan Peninsula.

DS Asia.

DT Africa.

DU Oceania, Australia, New Zealand.

DX Roma (Gypsies).

E - History: America and United States

F - History: United States Local and America

G - Geography & Anthropology