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ANS100: Professional & Academic Success Seminar (Winokur)

Recommended Resources for Career Research

It might be surprising, but blindly googling isn't your best bet here. The government actually collects lots of information about careers that you're looking for, all packaged in nice neat pages on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, linked below.  There are other great resources, like O*Net which will help you understand the characteristics required of certain positions, which you'll also find below.  

Another great resource for researching your potential career is our Vocations and Careers database, linked below.  It's probably best to identify the career first in the OOH and O*Net before research in V&C.

Finding videos can be easy as well! The Bristol Library Learning Commons has two fantastic databases for educational/academic streaming videos you can use for your research. I've linked them below.