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Roe vs. Wade: History & Case Law

History of Roe vs. Wade

black and white photo of a 70's women's march for abortion rights. AP photo.

AP Photos - 1970s Women's March 

"Roe (vs. Wade) culminated nearly two centuries of legal activity on abortion that began in 1821 when Connecticut became the first state to outlaw abortions. The 1973 ruling, a 7-2 decision by the high court, gave women a qualified constitutional right to an abortion during most of the pregnancy.", from "30 years after ruling, ambiguity, anxiety surround abortion debate." By William Mears and Bob Franken, CNN Washington Bureau, Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Historical Overviews

Abortion Stories Before Roe vs. Wade

Case Law and Legal History

Legal History of Roe vs. Wade