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Tutoring and Writing Center Services


Library Learning Commons - Tutoring Services


The Library Learning Commons is the central hub for tutoring at Bristol Community College, housing both the Writing Center and subject-based tutoring. With locations on each campus, through online and in-person appointments, LLC Tutoring and the Writing Center are here to help you achieve your educational goals, whether you’re here for just a few classes or to get a degree. 

Tutors are available to help you with study skills (note-taking, test preparation, etc.), specific course content questions, and all types of writing (including non-class-related writing). Whether you're looking to get on track, stay on track, or scale new heights in your learning, tutors are there to help you work towards reaching your next level.

Looking for an appointment? Check out TracCloud (sign in with your accessBCC credentials if prompted) or email us for assistance at

Looking for drop-in support without an appointment? See below.

Online and in-person drop-in options are in separate sections.

Online Tutoring Drop-In Schedules

Fall 2022 Online Drop-In Schedule


All remote drop-in tutoring is offered via Zoom.

Below is the schedule of tutors and their availability, along with their links. Just click during an available time to reach the tutor's Zoom space.

STEM Drop-ins: 

JJ Massi 

· MTH 152 and 152S (College Algebra); 172 and 172S (Precalc w/Trig); 214, 215, and 253 (Calculus I, II, and III); 254 (Differential Equations)

· PHY 101 (Technical Physics I); 211 and 212 (General Physics I and II)

Math Drop-in: Mondays, 7pm – 9pm; Wednesdays, 11am – 1pm; Fridays, 1pm – 3pm

Physics Drop-in: Wednesdays, 1pm – 3pm; Fridays, 11am – 1pm

Link for both drop-ins:


Dahlia Joseph Albanna (

BIO 111, 121, 122, 220, 233, 234, 239

CHM 090, 113, 114

- Wednesdays, 3pm - 7pm

Computer Science/Cybersecurity Drop-ins:

Valerie Ferreira (

CIS 134, CIT 155

- Mondays & Wednesdays, 11am - 1pm


Marco Rodrigues (

CIS 121

- Tuesdays, 5pm - 7pm; Thursdays, 4pm - 7pm

ESL Drop-in:

Lisa Tavares (

- Mondays through Fridays, 12 noon – 1pm 

Dahlia Joseph Albanna (

- Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays, 3pm – 7pm

- Saturdays, 10am – 12 noon

Sylvia Eisner (

- Wednesdays, 11am – 2pm

- Thursdays, 10:30am – 1:30pm

- Fridays, 12 noon – 12:30pm

In-Person Tutoring Drop-In Schedule

Fall 2022 In-Person Drop-In Schedule

At the Fall River Campus:


MTH 119 /119S, MTH 127/127S, MTH 251, MTH 252 

Saturdays, 11 am – 3 pm

Tutor: Scott Hornby

Biology and Chemistry:
BIO 110, 111, 115, 121, 122, 233, 234, 240

CHM 090, 113, 114, 115, 116

Mondays, 11 am – 1 pm

Tutor: Kathryn Lawton

English as a Second Language (located in B109a):

Tuesdays, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Tutor: Sylvia Eisner

At the Attleboro Campus:

Selected STEM:

AST 111 and 112; BIO 111; CHM 090, 111, and 113

CIS 110; MTH 125/125S and 152/152S; SCI 113; PHY 211

Mondays, 2 – 4 pm

Tutor: Ryan Kirby

At the Taunton Campus:

MTH 119 /119S, MTH 127/127S, MTH 251, MTH 252 

Thursdays, 2:30 pm - 5:30pm

Tutor: Scott Hornby 

Writing Center Tutoring

Fall 2022 Writing Center Hours

We are proud to offer both in-person and virtual tutoring; please see below.

In-person Drop-in Hours (Located in the Library Learning Commons)

At the Fall River Campus:

Monday & Tuesday: 12 noon-3pmTutor: Ezekiel Davies (Mon) & Robert Mangiaratti (Tues)

Thursday: 9am-12 noonTutor: Amanda Beaulieu-Smith

At the New Bedford Campus:

Monday & Tuesday: 9am-12 noon Tutor: S.Matt Read

Wednesday: 12 noon-3pmTutor: Lillie Wilson

At the Attleboro Campus:

Tuesday: 9am-12pmTutor: Flynn Semenuk

Wednesday: 9am-3pm 
Tutors: Amanda Beaulieu-Smith (9am-12pm) & Robert Mangiaratti (12pm-3pm)

Thursday: 12pm-3pmTutor: Flynn Semenuk

At Taunton Center:

Tuesday: 12-3pm / Tutor: Lillie Wilson

Wednesday: 9am-11am: Tutor: Chrisanne Souza


Virtual Drop-in Hours

Synchronous on Zoom:

Monday – 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Tutors: Kristine Thompson (9am-12pm), Lillie Wilson (12pm-3pm), Meredith Brady (3pm-6pm) & Deborah Earle (6pm-9pm)

Tuesday 9 a.m. – Noon & 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Wednesday– 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

Tutors: Kristine Thompson (9am-12pm), Meredith Brady (3pm-6pm) & Ezekiel Davies (6pm-9pm)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday – 9 a.m. – Noon.

Tutors: Chrisanne Souza (Thursday & Friday), Lisa Jolicoeur (Saturday) 

To access our synchronous tutoring on Zoom, use this link:

Also Available – Asynchronous Tutoring

*Students should email the Writing Center to confirm tutor availability for all face to face drop in tutoring hours. Email Please email us from your Bristol email account and include your student ID # (900#) in your message.

Writing Center appointment requests are only considered for times outside of their drop-in hours; to make a request, please email

Writing Center Draft Reviews

The Writing Center also offers draft reviews by email. Please submit your draft as a .doc or .docx file, the assignment sheet, and three concerns about your writing to Please email us from your Bristol email account and include your student ID # (900#) in your message. This service is offered Monday through Friday, with a general turnaround time of 24 - 36 hours (so please plan accordingly).

Thinking Storm


Logo for ThinkingStorm

Need help, but your availability doesn't match a Library Learning Commons tutor's? Then give Thinking Storm a try! ThinkingStorm is an external tutoring service available to Bristol students. Its tutors aren't affiliated with Bristol, but for many subjects they have expanded availability. ThinkingStorm users get thirty free use-as-you-go hours, which reset approximately every semester.

To access ThinkingStorm, click here.

Please note: ThinkingStorm provides its own tech support for its platform. If you have questions about
ThinkingStorm other than about logging in or creating/attending an appointment, please see their “Contact
Us” page