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Reserve a Seat at the Library Learning Commons

Welcome to Seat Reservations!

Reserve a Seat

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Check In  Sign-in using the code in your email confirmation.

Check Out Please check out with same confirmation code when leaving.

  • Computer and table seats can be reserved for 30 minutes up to 2 hours. If you need more time, you can book a second appointment back-to-back. Study Rooms can be reserved for one hour up to 3 hours, and can be booked just once per day.
  • See directions below to make a reservation.
  • You will need your reservation to check in once you arrive at the library.
  • By making a reservation you agree to the mask and social distance protocols in place at the time of your visit.
  • Please read the Reservations Policies and Procedures page for full information.

How to make Reservations

Instructions for reserving a seat in the campus Library Learning Commons

  1. Click the "Book a Seat" button at the top of this page. On the screen that follows, select a library location, a zone (optional) and a seating category type from the drop-down selection options. You can also choose to show only wheelchair accessible seats and seat with power nearby, if you wish.  Then click the "Show Availability" button.
  2. On the Single Seat Booking page (see reference image), use the “Go To Date” button or the left and right arrows to select a date for your reservation. If there are no seats available at the current time, a "Next Available" button will also appear. NOTE: You will only see availability for two weeks in advance.
  3. Scroll through the seating options for the date. Seats are labeled according to type of seat, campus, location in LLC, and seat number. We've also indicated whether the seat is wheelchair accessible and if there is access to power nearby. You can click on the “Info” button in front of each seat name for a brief description of the seat type.
  4. Availability is indicated on the grid in green. When you click a green box, in most spaces you are selecting a one (1) hour reservation block. You can book as little as 30 minutes and as long as two (2) hours for most seats. If everything appears to be red (unavailable), use the numbered links at the bottom of the list to see additional seats.
  5. When you click a green box it will become orange to indicate your selection. You are also placing a temporary hold on this time slot. If you navigate away from this page, the time slot will appear “Unavailable” until you complete your reservation or after 3 minutes of inactivity.
  6. Once selected, your requested time slot will also be displayed at the bottom of the page as text. In the drop-down menu you can adjust your ending time if a one (1) hour reservation is not what you want. You can click the trash icon (next to the drop-down) to cancel your selection and to make another choice from the grid. 
  7. If you are satisfied with your selection, click the “Submit Times” button. You will see a screen that goes over the terms and conditions of the reservation.
  8. On the screen that follows, you will need to fill in your information. Please use ONLY your email address! Others will be blocked. Click "Submit My Booking."
  9. You should then see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email (check your spam/junk folder if you do not). Please be prepared to show your reservation confirmation at the LLC to be checked in to your seat. You may use a mobile device (screen shot), laptop computer, or print out.
  10. When you are done, you can "check out" of the seat with the link and code in your confirmation email, the "check out" button at the top of this page, or with staff on your way out. Please remember to check out! Users who stay beyond their appointment time may be asked to make another reservation for another space, pending availability.

Video Instructions

Reserve by Seat Photos & Info

Reserve your seat based on whether you like a standard seat, a high-top table, a seat at a single table, a seat at a shared table, or even a seat in a cafeteria setting. Check out photos of our seating below.

Fall River Campus


Attleboro Campus

Taunton Campus - PICS COMING SOON!

Reservation Graphic

graphic of reservation panel with instructional labels

Click to enlarge!

Basic Reservation Policy

You must follow masking and social distancing protocols that are in effect at the time of visit. Food is not permitted in the Library Learning Commons; drinks must be in covered containers. Disinfecting wipes are available throughout the LLC space for you to clean your seating area before and after you use it.