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Lusofonia Collection: Home

Bristol Lusofonia Collection

The Lusofonia Collection at Bristol

The Lusofonia Collection at Bristol Community College is focused on Portuguese language and culture. We work closely with the LusoCentro on collections and programming. We collect fiction, non-fiction, and reference works in Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole in addition to physical artifacts from these influential cultures. To donate to the collection, please contact Emily Zekan Brown

The Dabney Collection

The Dabney Collection, of books, letters, diaries, and other items related to the family of that name, has been created and is housed in the LusoCentro’s offices in building A. It is named for a family of United States Consuls based on Fayal, who served as consuls, in three consecutive generations, for most of the nineteenth century. For a detailed catalog of the collection, please click here. 

Cape word in 12 year long celebration of Portuguese exploration
Capote e Capelo

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