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Indigenous American Perspectives

Indigenous Peoples Perspectives

Genocide: "Genocide was first defined in 1944 by an American scholar, Raphael Lemkin. The term, used in international criminal law, comes from the Greek word, genos, meaning race or tribe, and the Latin suffix, cide, meaning to kill. Generally, the word genocide is used to describe the systematic destruction by a government of a particular racial, religious, or ethnic group". - (Credo Reference)

Indigenous Americans have a long and complicated history with European colonialist settlers. They are the victims of land theft and countless acts of violence against them. This guide makes the effort to understand the history and the culture of Indigenous Americans, as well as address the question of genocide. While genocide is a modern legal term, it is one that is useful to consider when approaching the history of the conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers. Read on to learn about Native American history, culture, perspectives, and modern issues.