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Science vs. Pseudoscience: Debunking Fake Science News and Developing Scientific Literacy

Use Library Databases to Find Research Articles

The Bristol CC Library subscribes to several databases that include the full text of scientific research studies. To access these resources from off campus, you will need to log in with your Pipeline username and password:


General Science


Environmental Science


Health Science

Learn to Identify and Read Scholarly Materials

Use Google Scholar to Find Research Articles


Google Scholar is designed to find information about scholarly articles and books in all fields, including the sciences. It is a great place to explore the range of information available on a topic, but the sources you find may not be freely available on the internet. Instead, Google Scholar often links to publishers' websites, where you will be asked to pay for the full text of an article. You can also link to your library through Settings, so you can find sources Bristol does own.  And if our library does not have it, don't worry, you can request nearly any article through the library for free. Ask a librarian for help.

See the Google Scholar About page for more information, including search tips.

Linking Google Scholar to the Library Website



You can link Google Scholar to your library website:

1.  Go to Google Scholar by using Google.

2.   Click on the lines in the upper left hand corner.



3.   Go to Settings

4.    Click on Library Links


5.  Type in Bristol Community College and it will link any of the articles we have in our databases to Google Scholar.  Make sure to hit Save to keep those settings for the next time you use Google Scholar.