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Course Reserves

Course Reserves: What they are, how to put items on course reserve, and how to access items on course reserve.

What are Course Reserves?


Library Learning Commons Course Reserves provides textbooks, books, and other materials that support the instructional requirements of specific courses. Many faculty members choose to place material on reserve in order to ensure that all students in the class have access to it. Physical course reserves, such as books and DVDs, are located at each campus at the circulation desk of the Library Learning Commons.
This page will help to guide you to the information you need to use this service as a student or faculty member.

Course Reserves - Info For Students

The Library Learning Commons has a selection of resources (including a limited number of textbooks) on reserve for in-library use only. Each faculty member (your instructor) is responsible for placing materials on reserve for a course.

Items are loaned to currently registered Bristol Community College students and faculty, typically for a period of two hours for books or three hours for media. The location and availability of items can be checked in the course reserve catalog. Please note that there are fines for late return of course reserves materials.

Course reserves - Info For Faculty

Library Course Reserves provides access to course-related readings and other materials selected and put on reserve by a faculty member for students to access.  In addition to the Course Reserves housed physically in the Attleboro, Fall River, and New Bedford Libraries, we have an online option for certain materials.  Online Course Reserves allow students access 24/7 as long as they have a computer with an internet connection. 

What type of material may you place on reserve?

  • Library-owned books
  • Personal copies of books
  • Photocopies (i.e. articles, sample term papers, manuscripts, book excerpts)
  • Past semester/sample exams and quizzes
  • Homework assignments and solutions
  • Lecture notes and course syllabi
  • Videos and DVDs

How can I get books not found in the Library collection?

  • The Library may order copies of books to be placed on reserve.
  • The Library does not order copies of textbooks, but faculty members are encouraged to place personal copies of textbooks on reserve.

If your class will be utilizing Course Reserves this upcoming semester, please contact the library to confirm the item is available.

If you have not used the Course Reserve service before or wish to set up a new reserve, please submit your reserve requests as soon as possible.

Please note, all materials will be taken off reserve at the end of each semester.