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How Do I Start My Research?

Understanding Assignments Tutorial

Read the Assignment Carefully

Reading your assignment carefully can make a huge difference.

Here are things to look for in the assignment instructions:

  • Purpose of the assignment. What should your research project accomplish? What is the role of research and of information sources in the assignment? This will help you determine your research process and timeline. (If you still have questions after closely reading the assignment, ask your instructor.)
  • Topic guidance and suggestions. Some instructors offer specific suggestions, while others provide guidelines to help you choose a topic yourself. Check for points and questions the instructor wants you to address in your assignment.
  • Type(s) of recommended sources for supporting your research.  Think about where you might need to look for the recommended sources. Some will be available through the Bristol Library collection, and some may be freely available on the Web. For more information see What Types of Sources Do You Need?.
  • Due date. This will help you determine when you need to start finding sources, reading and analyzing them, and developing your paper or project. Some assignments have different parts due at different times, so check all the due dates.  To help you manage your time, you may wish to use the Assignment Calculator
  • Length of the assignment. This will help you determine the scope of your  topic. 
  • Style and formatting information, such as font size, spacing, and citation style. This Citation Guides guide can help with this.