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Poisoned Path Project

The Poisoned Path Project focuses on material that can be used to incorporate genocide pedagogy within the disciplines. Each kit will contain print and digital material that faculty can use to incorporate genocide themes into the classroom.  


Mission Poisoned Path Project

The mission of the Poisoned Path Project is to encourage the teaching of genocide in the curriculum at Bristol Community College. These resources will help faculty to engage students in the pedagogy of genocide from a variety of academic disciplines, allowing almost any educator to incorporate an awareness of genocide and related concepts into his or her curriculum. Though a difficult topic, we believe it’s important to tell the truth about history so that students can recognize patterns, propaganda, and policies that incrementally create a world in which genocide can exist. 

Vision Poisoned Path Project

We envision a society that understands and rejects the notions of mass violence, atrocity, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. To ensure that our community is educated on the far-reaching impact of state and racial violence, we will continuously build a collection that will help to develop materials and curriculum focused on genocide. The Poisoned Path Project will provide this pedagogical material that the college community (and beyond) can use to incorporate these important themes into their classrooms and research.  

Team Poisoned Path Project

Poisoned Path Team

Holocaust and Genocide Collection