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SOC 212: Principles of Sociology (Avedikian ): Home


Welcome to the Research Guide for SOC 212.  Information in each of the pages above will support you through the various stages of your semester research paper.  BCC Librarians are available to assist if you have any questions!

What is Sociology?

Sociology According to the International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, the commonly accepted definitions of sociology agree that it is the scientific or systematic study of human society. The focus is on understanding and explaining, and ranges from the individual in social interaction to groups to societies and global social processes. Unique to sociology is its emphasis upon the reciprocal relationship between individuals and societies as they influence and shape each other.

Methods of discovery range from quantitative methodologies patterned after those of natural science with the goals of explanation and prediction to strategies for social reform and service to qualitative methodologies that focus on interpretation and understanding rather than prediction.