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Welcome to the Research Guide for PSY254, Psychology and Personality. This research guide will assist you in locating resources for your two assignments regarding Personality.  Please contact a BCC Librarian at any campus library if you have questions.

What is Personality?


From the Curriculum connections psychology book in Credo Reference:

Personality refers both to people's inner personalities and to their public personas; it includes aspects such as motives, goals, beliefs, and values. Personality psychologists try to categorize people's mental characteristics and predict how their personalities might influence their lives.

Personality is the characteristic behavior, emotions, and thoughts that comprise an individual's response to his or her circumstances and environment.

The aspects of personality that are most commonly measured are extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, intellect or imagination, and conscientiousness. These are known as “the big five.”

Personality. (2010). In H. Dwyer, Curriculum connections psychology: The individual and society. Brown Bear Books Ltd. Credo Reference:

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