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Welcome to the Research Guide for SSC217, Technology & Society.  Please use this guide to find resources for your Unit Research.  Please contact myself or any BCC Librarian if you have any questions.

This guide will walk you through finding solid resources for each of your Unit Questions and Research Papers. As the semester progresses, this guide will be embellished to match the research needs of your class. 

What is Technology?

Cotton GinAccording to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, technology in its broad meaning connotes the practical arts. These arts range from hunting, fishing, gathering, agriculture, animal husbandry, and mining through manufacturing, construction, transportation, provision of food, power, heat, light, etc., to means of communication, medicine, and military technology. Technologies are bodies of skills, knowledge, and procedures for making, using, and doing useful things.

The concept of technology centers on processes that are primarily biological and physical rather than on psychological or social processes. Technologies are the cultural traditions developed in human communities for dealing with the physical and biological environment, including the human biological organism.

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