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Welcome to the Research Guide for SER260, Supervision and Leadership in Human Services.  Please use this guide to find resources for your final research project.  Please contact myself or any BCC Librarian if you have any questions.

What is?

According to the Encyclopedia of New Venture Management, leadership is generally a process whereby a person influences others to accomplish a set of goals or objectives within an organization. Leadership and authority can be confused with each other. Authority describes the assigned power one person has over another; however, having authority does not make someone a leader—it makes him or her a boss.

Effective leaders have the ability to cause followers to want to achieve desired outcomes, so the exercise of power becomes less important. Herein lies the art of leadership.

According to Daniel Goleman, the elements of social and emotional intelligence (EI) that are most closely correlated with a leader's effectiveness include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Self-awareness is a reflective action and describes one's understanding of how emotions affect actions and decision making.

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