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Permalinks: Gale

Gale Databases

Permalinks: Gale

The Gale databases operate differently, because these products are provided to us by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Hence, you will see a proxy prefix like this for all Gale databases:

Another difference is that you will find multiple ways to document a link to a Gale database article in your citation:

  1. A document URL is included in the source citation located at the end of an article. Scroll down to the bottom of the html version of the article, and you will see the URL. In order for the link to work, it must begin with http://, so make sure to add this if you don't see it included at the front the document URL. When copying the URL from the citation at the bottom of an article, if you see brackets <> that enclose the URL, do not include them.
  2. Gale products provide a bookmark tool located in the top banner, next to the Advanced Search function. When you are viewing the full text, html version of an article, click on the Bookmark function and it will display the document URL. You can highlight and copy/paste this into your citation.
  3. In some articles Gale provides a DOI (digital object identifier). If provided, you will see it within the article record at the top of the page, usually under the title of the journal in which the article was published. A proxy prefix has been added which can be copied/pasted into your citation.

Below are some screenshots identifying the DOI and the Bookmark tool for this article: