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Welcome to the Research Guide for ENG101, College Writing. 


When you're writing a research paper, the strength of your argument relies on the evidence you present, so locating reliable and factual sources is key to your success. Start by choosing a topic you are passionate about, then refine it. Brainstorm dimensions of your topic to add specificity and formulate keywords. At this stage, using online sources will help you understand which factors are central to the discussion surrounding your topic, but you will want to think critically about each online source before citing it in your paper. For example, who is the author or publisher? Do they have a bias or agenda? When was the source created, is it timely? 

Argumentative essays require you to examine your topic, collect and evaluate evidence, and take a stand on one side of the issue. 



Alternatives to Wikipedia

Example: Overcrowding in the U.S. Prison System

Thesis: Overcrowding of U.S. prisons causes increased recidivism and prevents individuals who are incarcerated from receiving rehabilitation.

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