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Welcome to the Research Guide for English Writing.  This guide is intended to help you with two of your Major Projects this semester! You'll find resources here to help ask and research your big question- then, I'll provide resources on how to turn that information into an infographic. Please know you can reach out to me (or any of my amazing colleagues) any time with questions!!

How do we research a BIG QUESTION?

African Wild DogGenerally, in research, I would recommend that you go from a BIG IDEA to a narrow one. But for your Big Question assignment, you'll have to thing BIG. How big? Well, that's up to you- but my advice is to try to start with something your interested in, and see if you can telescope out from there.

So- you might ask yourself- why the African Wild Dog here?  Well, first, they're ADORABLE. And second, they're what I'm basing my big question on. I'm really interested in consciousness, and one of the things that started that that interest is the question of whether or not animals are conscious...  Starting with that question, if I telescope out, I could ask the BIG question of what consciousness is in general! 

This is your opportunity to ask some fun questions, and to find out that sometimes there are more than one answer to those questions! 

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