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COM106: Introduction to Communication and College Success Strategies (Murphy)


Welcome to the Research Guide for COM101, Fundamentals of Public Speaking.  Please use this guide to find resources for your speeches this semester.  Please contact myself or any BCC Librarian if you have any questions.

What is Communication? is communication?

According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Communication is inseparable from social and behavioral activities; as a consequence it has become an integral part of research and discussion in the social sciences. Mass media and rhetoric thus closely relate to political science, while semantics and rhetoric enrich the study of law. Perception, the tool used to make sense of messages, generates much discussion in psychology and psychiatry and both areas benefit from careful communication.

Communication. (2008). In W. A. Darity, Jr. (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (2nd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 31-34). Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA. Retrieved from

Image Source : [inter-planetary] communications tower by Pranav Yaddanapudi