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PSY101: General Psychology (Devane): Articles & Databases

Finding Articles through the BCC Libraries

BCC Libraries offer a variety of databases in which you can locate articles from magazines, newspapers, professional and scholarly journals. Magazine and newspaper articles are shorter in length and easier to read, but at the same time, they seldom cover an issue in depth. Use them to gain basic familiarity and then move on to academic-level articles.  What do academic articles provide?

  • A close look at a particular topic or issue
  • Content authored by scholars active in a particular field
  • Data to support research findings

In addition, academic journal articles can lead readers to other sources through their bibliographies (works cited). If you find one good article that supports your research, you can use the bibliography at the end of the paper to locate further research.

Interdisciplinary Article Databases

Science and Social Science Databases

What is Peer Review?

How to Read a Scholarly Article


Image "Reading a Scholarly Article"  published by Brandeis Library (CC by NC-SA).

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

What is a DOI?


From the APA Style Blog

A DOI, or digital object identifier, is like a social security number for a document online. It’s a unique and permanent identifier that will take you straight to a document no matter where it’s located on the Internet. You can read more about DOIs on pp. 188–192 of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual as well as in our FAQ on DOIs. They figure prominently in the 6th edition reference citation style.

Research Exercise: Identifying Components of Experimental Studies

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