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HST113: US History to 1877 Civic Learning (Worthington): Problem 2: The Battle of White Plains

Thomas Durfee and the Battle of White Plains

On 28 October 1776, Captain Joseph Durfee fought alongside George Washington in the Battle of White Plains in New York. He served in the Carpenters Regiment. We will be finding as much information as possible about Joseph's role in the battle.

Colonel Joseph Durfee

Joseph Durfee was born in Fall River (then known as Freetown) on 27 April 1750.  A newspaper clipping refers to a 50 page file located in the National Archives that contains letters and depositions from friends and fellow citizens regarding the quality of Durfee's military service.

The article outlines the Battle of Fall River, the Battle of Long Island, and describes him as a "Freedom Fighter."

New York State Archives

The New York State Archives may also hold the key to finding information about the Battle of White Plains and the involvement of Joseph Durfee.

Where to Start

I recommend you start with Joseph, in his own words.

While Joseph's "Reminiscences" are valuable, he mentions White Plains only once. I also recommend you contact the National Archives.