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Permalinks: ProQuest

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Permalinks in ProQuest: Document URLs

Permalinks for ProQuest articles are called Document URLs.

The document URL is found in the Indexing Details section located at the end of an article.

Notice that the document URL includes the library's proxy; this is what authenticates or allows you to access the library's electronic resources when off campus.

All you need to do is copy the entire document URL in the indexing details section and you're set to go.  See below (I've highlighted the URL in yellow).

The URL in the browser address window is crossed out only because we are suggesting it is much easier to use the URL in the indexing details section.  The URL in the browser address bar requires that you copy and paste the library's proxy in front of the URL in order for it to be correctly authenticated.  You certainly can do that if you would like but it's more work and a longer URL than the document permalink URL, don't you agree?  This is what it would like: