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Permalinks: eBooks

Permalinks: eBooks

You have 2 options for locating permalinks for the library's ebooks.

Option 1Use the Permanent Link For This Title --

This is the URL for the record in the catalog.  You will notice that this particular ebook is multi-volume and therefore has multiple URLs .   You may prefer to use the catalog record URL as a starting point rather than having to give  several URLs to a student, professor, etc.  The catalog record is also rich in description and details about the ebook.

The permanent link for this title is always found on the left side of the record.  Use the mouse to right-click on the link to open a dialog box that captures the entire URL.

The library proxy is not used nor needed when pointing to a catalog record.

For example:


Option 2.  Direct URL for ebook

You may prefer using the direct URL to the ebook from the catalog record.  This is easily done when an ebook has only one URL. 

You will copy the entire URL for "an electronic book available to BCC students & staff.  This is done by right clicking on the link.

The library proxy is already included in the URL.

 For example: