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CRJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice (Annotated Bibliography): Journals, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

Finding Articles through the BCC Libraries

BCC Libraries offer a variety of databases in which you can locate magazine, newspaper, trade, and scholarly journal articles.  The databases below have been chosen especially for research in American Sign Language.

CRJ101 Course Tip: Articles will give you a very narrow view on a particular aspect of your research topic. For example, for research in the peer reviewed literature on "Restorative Justice" we will find how this method worked in a specific geographical are or in a specific case study. Magazines will give us a popular look at the topic, and Newspapers will focus on current events.

Step by Step: Finding Articles

  1. Choose the best database for your research needs. BCC Libraries off several databases that might be useful. Check out our Databases by Subject or our Databases A-Z pages for a better understanding of what we offer.
  2. Choose the keywords that best describe the idea of what you're looking for in an article. Often, inspiration can come from your thesis question. For example, the keywords "restorative justice" and "juveniles" might be pulled from the thesis question: "How are juvenile affected by a restorative justice system?"
  3. Identify alternative keywords before you begin searching (adolescents and teens are both acceptable alternative keywords for "juveniles."
  4. Search using Boolean Operators. 
  5. Utilize the functions within the databases to narrow to Peer Reviewed Journals, Magazines, and Newspaper Articles.

Suggested databases for articles

Watch these videos for tips on how to find Peer Reviewed Articles, Magazines, and Newspapers