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HUM264: Remembering the Holocaust in Literature and History (Tinberg & Weisberger): Books & eBooks


Books are a valuable tool for academic research which provide in-depth coverage of a topic, valuable background (and often historical) information on a topic, and an overview of key issues related to a topic. You do not necessarily have to read an entire book for every research project you are assigned.  Utilize the introduction, index, and chapter titles to narrow down which sections of a book are most pertinent to your research. You can also find other important sources through their bibliographies.

Films can also be a valuable source of information, and this page links to our film databases.

Search the Catalog

Type your keywords into the search box on the library home page, then hit enter. You will be searching not only BCC titles, but books in the entire HELM Catalog.

Why should I look in books?

Why should you do research in books?

  • Books provide in-depth coverage of a topic
  • Books often provide valuable background information on a topic
  • Books can also provide an overview of all issues pertaining to a topic
  • Books can lead readers to other sources through their bibliographies

You do not necessarily have to read an entire book for every research paper you have to do.  Utilize the index and the chapter titles to narrow down which section of the book is most pertinent to your research.