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HLT115: Personal & Community Health (Griffith): eReference Resources

eReference Resources

Subject encyclopedias are a great place to start your research. These resources provide concise and contextual information on given topics that often can't be found elsewhere. You should find them helpful in the initial stage of your research. 

eReference Books

The following ebooks are immediately accessible with your 900#

Allergies Source Book, 2011  Provides updated information about the causes, triggers, treatments, and prevalence of common allergic disorders, including rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, dermatitis, eczema, hives, and anaphylaxis.

Complete Human Diseases and Conditions, 2008 Presents information on numerous diseases and conditions. Articles include a definition of the disease or condition, an explanation of how it works in the body, information on causes, symptoms and diagnosis, treatment or cure, and lifestyles.

Eating Disorders Sourcebook, 2011 Provides basic consumer health information about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other eating disorders and related concerns.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer: A Guide to Cancer and Its Treatments, 2015  Comprehensive survey of cancers, cancer drugs, traditional and alternative treatments, side effects and diagnostic procedures.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition, 2008  Covers topics such as dieting and popular diets, dietary concerns, nutritional basics, and the effects of a person's dietary choices on one's health. Topics are organized around the development and history of a diet, its basic principles, any key figures that influence the trend, and any public or regulatory concerns associated with the practice. Provides information across all age groups from infants to the elderly.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, 2016 Provides clear, complete information on genetic disorders, including conditions, tests, procedures, treatments and therapies, in articles that are both comprehensive and easy to understand in language accessible to laypersons.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 2008 Provides detailed information on mental disorders and conditions. Also features entries for prescription, alternative and over-the-counter drugs, as well as the various therapies used to treat mental disorders.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health, 2013  Alphabetically arranged encyclopedia provides coverage of important public health concerns. Topics include diseases and conditions, health and wellness efforts, nutrition, ethics and law related topics and statistics, sanitation issues, and everyday environmental effects.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health: A Guide for Seniors and Their Caregivers, 2009 Covers various issues related to one's aging body, how diseases affect it, and treatment options, including medications, for said diseases for this population. Also includes topics specific to the aging population, but beyond descriptions of medical diagnoses.