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Race, Politics, Policing, & Protest: Origins of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement: Library Resources

This guide is meant to help students, faculty, and staff understand the conversation behind the #blacklivesmatter movement and hashtag.

Bristol Community College Resources

On this page you will find resources housed within the Bristol Community College Library System. These are recommended resources, but are only a small sample of material located within our collections.

Readings on Police, Police Brutality, & the Justice System

Readings on Social Justice & Activism

Readings on White Privilege

Suggested Searh Terms

  • Black Lives Matter (Movement)
  • class
  • civil rights
  • criminal justice system
  • demonstrations
  • Ferguson unrest
  • gender
  • institutional racism
  • oppression
  • police brutality
  • police misconduct
  • police shootings
  • racial inequality
  • racial profiling
  • race relations
  • racism
  • racism and the united states
  • social conditions
  • urban development and white flight
  • youth protest movements
  • white privilege

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