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CRJ251: Criminology (Mayhew): The Prosecution

Who was living and working in the Borden house at the time of the murders?

This page will provide brief biographies of the people working on the prosecutorial team to convict Lizzie Borden of the murder of her father and step-mother.

Hosea Morrill Knowlton (1847-1902)

HOSEA MORRILL KNOWLTONBorn in Durham, Maine, son of Rev. Isaac Case and Mary Smith (Wellington) Knowlton. In 1873, he married Miss Sylvia Bassett Almy of New Bedford.

In June of 1893, in his capacity as District Attorney for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he headed the prosecution against Miss Lizzie A. Borden.

William H. Moody (1853-1917)

William Henry MoodyEarly in his legal career, Moody first was elected city solicitor of Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1888. After appointment as the District Attorney for Eastern Massachusetts in 1890, he gained widespread notoriety in 1893 as the junior prosecutor in the Lizzie Borden murder case. While his efforts were unsuccessful he was generally acknowledged as the most competent and effective of the attorneys on either side.

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