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SOC212: Sociology of Social Problems (Avedikian - Online Sections): Web Resources

Overview of useful resources plus some handy tips and how-to's for your semester research project.

Searching the Web

Web research requires skill in evaluating results for quality, accuracy and purpose. Use the suggested web search and evaluation tips below and keep good notes on what strategies work best for you.

Create Effective Web Searches

The images below illustrate dramatic differences in web search results when employing a thoughtful search strategy. Most major search engines offer advanced searching techniques such as these from Google. The result is a more focused set of results, allowing you to evaluate and select sites within a narrower context. Give it a try with your research topic!

What About Infographics?

Infographics are a great way to visualize data; using images to tell a compelling story. However, don't be tempted by colorful images if the sources of data are not cited! Good infographics, like good research papers, acknowledge information sources. This example is posed on the American Heart Association website. It provides data on food deserts and cites the U.S. Department of Agriculture by name, but no web address is included for us to verify the data. A link to the full size infographic is here.