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Financial Services: Books & eBooks

This guide provides access to information in the financial services related to banking, financial management, real estate, and insurance.

Searching for Books at Bristol Libraries

Use the library catalog to find print books, electronic books, and streaming videos. 

Selected Books on Financial Services

Finding Books

 HOW DO I FIND A BOOK?Books falling on table

     The Bristol libraries have print books and ebooks which are represented in our online catalog by a cataloging (or bibliographic) record.  This record usually gives you enough information about the book so that you can decide if you want it.  If it is a print book, it will include the shelf number (Library of Congress classification number) that will give you the exact location (sort of in code form) of the book on the shelf.  This shelf number is made up of letters and numbers and represents the subject area of the book. The books are shelved alphabetically by the beginning letter(s) of the shelf number.  Then, once you find this area, they are shelved numerically within that letter(s).

     An ebook's location is in the form of a web link in the catalog record.  You will see the line:  "BCC students, faculty, and staff: Click here to access this resource" and by clicking this link it will bring you to the ebook.  You can access ebooks from home as well by inputting the barcode number on the back of your accessBCC OneCard when prompted.

     There are a number of ways to find a cataloging record for a book in the online catalog.  For example, if you know the author or title, you may search for it by either of these ways.  If you don't know this information but know the subject area you are interested in, you may search for a book by subject or keyword.  For example, if you want books on business financial management, search under the subject heading: business enterprises - finance.

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      Below are some subject headings that could be helpful for you to use in finding books in the subject areas of this Libguide: 


eBook Central and e-Book Collections  are a collection of databases that contain digitized books that you can read online.  Use your #900 number to gain access.

Selected eBooks on Financial Services