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Culinary Arts: Web Resources

This guide provides access to information in culinary arts, including baking and pastry arts.

Useful Handout

Is this website ok?

Evaluating Websites                                                       

DocumentationIs there adequate documentation for factual statements?  Is the documentation reliable, verifiable from a second source?  Is there enough information to cite this information in a paper (author, title, source, date)?

Content:  Is the information current? When was the last time the page was updated? Does the page have good flow, indicating that some thought went into its design?  Are there many spelling or grammatical errors that indicate hurried thought?  Is it flashy, with little content?

Authority:  Who produced this site – is it a credible source? Anyone can put up a website – be skeptical of the source.  Is this document self‐published or does it carry the weight of a publisher or organization? What is the domain of the URL.

PersuasivenessIs the document biased or slanted?  Are there few or no logical errors such as appeal to authority, circular reasoning, etc?  If you found this information in a printed source, would you trust it?

Recommended Websites for Culinary Arts