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Management: Books & eBooks

This guide provides access to information in business management.

Searching for Books at BCC Libraries

Use the library catalog to find print books and ebooks.  The SAILS Library Catalog allows BCC students to request books (as well as DVDs, music CDs, and audiobooks) by clicking "Place Hold" located to the right of the catalog description of the item.  You will need to activate your BCC Campus Card with the library to place holds and borrow items from a BCC library.


     Our ebrary database contains approximately 27,000+ ebooks in a wide variety of subject areas specifically geared to undergraduate college students.  There are numerous ebooks in management that you can access using our online catalog, as each title in ebrary has it's own individual catalog record accessble by keyword, author, title or subject search.  You can also access books in ebrary by using the "Articles" tab at the "Quick Search" box on the library's homepage and then selecting ebrary from the A-Z title listing of our databases.  You can also click on the link here:  ebrary



Try Google Books!

   Besides the default search "management" below, you can type in any keyword below to retrieve books that you can preview or read for free!  There are virtually millions of books that Google provides access to!

Google Book Search

Choosing a research topic

Search the Catalog for books on management

      After you have done the above search for books under the keyword management you may want to limit the results to just books (print books) located at one of the BCC libraries, as this results list is for all the libraries in the SAILS network (approx. 80 libraries).   If you want to limit the list to just books at the BCC Fall River library, for example, click on More,  then Bristol CC - Fall River as noted below.   You can then limit the list to just print books by clicking on Books in the Format box under the "Limit Search Results" menu. The resulting list will then be books at the BCC Library in Fall River.  E-books, which fall into the "electronic resource" format can be accessed at any campus, and remotely by inputting the barcode number located on the back of your BCC Campus Card when prompted.


    Your resulting list should have a little over 1,700 books listed, which is still quite a few! To limit even further, you can use the SUBJECT search.

    When a book gets cataloged, either one or more subject headings are assigned to it.  When using subject headings as search terms, your results list will be more focused on materials that deal with that subject rather than those that might just mention the term in passing, such as in a summary or table of contents. When using keywords, as you did in your search above, you were pulling up any record that had the word management in it, no matter where the word was located in the catalog record, so that it might not be a main subject of that book.

    Do another search under the word management, only this time it will be used as a SUBJECT term.  Use the drop down menus noted below to change the "Everything" search to "Search BCC Titles".  Then change "All Fields" to "Subject".  Type in your subject term "management" and click "Search".



   After you limit this list to BCC Fall River titles and the format to "Books", you can see the difference in the number of results - there are a little over 1,100 titles.  However, these materials will definitely have something to do with the subject of management!  You also have the option to "Sort by" at the right of the screen (shown above) to sort the results list by Relevance; Date (newest to oldest or oldest to newest); Author, or Title.  It will only give you the top 300 titles in the sort.  This is what the resulting list of books in the subject area of management at the BCC Library in Fall River, sorting by date (newest to oldest) should look like: Click here

   Below are a few subject headings that you might want to try (click on the subject heading) to access even more resources: