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Accounting: Streaming videos from Films on Demand

This guide provides access to information in accounting.

Accounting Basics and Definitions

   What do GAAP and OCBOA mean? What are revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities? What are the stages of the accounting cycle? This video answers those questions and many others as it introduces viewers to the process of accounting as illustrated by a cupcake shop and a medical clinic. Sections include: Importance of Accurate Accounting, Basic Accounting Terms, Financial Reporting, Income Statements, Balance Sheets: Assets, Balance Sheets: Liabilities and Owner Equity, and Statements of Cash Flows. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences/MotionMasters Coproduction. A part of the 4-part series Accounting Fundamentals. (30 minutes)

The Matching Concept and the Accounting Cycle

   This program divides its time between the matching concept and the accounting cycle. First, the cash basis of accounting is compared to the accrual basis of accounting. Next, the five main types of entry adjustments are defined and illustrated. And then, with suitable fanfare, the accounting cycle is described in detail. Its eight steps include analyzing and journalizing transactions, posting transactions to the ledger, preparing the unadjusted trial balance, assembling and recording adjustments, preparing the financial statements, journalizing and posting adjusted entries, journalizing and posting closing entries, and preparing the post-closing trial balance. Taking care of business means handling finances both consistently and systematically, and this video shows students exactly how to do it. Part of a 4-part film from the series On the Money: the ABC's of Accounting.   A Cambridge Educational Production. (15 minutes)

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Balancing the Books: Understanding Financial Reporting

   This dramatization follows trainee accountant Calvin Clegg, a contestant on the faux game show Who Wants to Make a Million?, as he is quizzed on the basics of accounting. Viewers learn about the four components of the accounting process, the balance sheet, calculating profit and loss, cash control, and assessing financial performance, all in an entertaining format. The video also covers different types of businesses, entrepreneurship, and accounting software. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (32 minutes)