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Entrepreneurship/Small Business: Streaming videos from Films on Demand

This guide presents research information on entrepreneurship and running a small business.

Planning Your Business: Research, Goals, and Business Plans

   The old saying, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” rings especially true when it comes to creating a company. This video helps aspiring business owners plan to succeed, with advice from veteran entrepreneurs on clarifying goals, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a potential enterprise, and establishing a realistic pathway to prosperity. Challenging the viewer to take a serious look at his or her own ability to take risks, manage an organization, and go toe-to-toe with competitors, the program offers insight into market exploration, determining a viable market niche, gauging the level of need for a product or service, learning about one’s customer base, and deciding on the most appropriate business structure. Writing a detailed and comprehensive business plan is also a major topic.

Starting a Restaurant: The StartUp Experience

   Randy Price is the CEO of the Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group. Randy went from working in restaurants to successfully starting and profiting from four of his own restaurants: Sonterra Grill (innovative Southwest), Slayton’s (Kansas City–style BBQ), Salsa Brava (fresh Mexican grill), and Piazza Italian Kitchen (wine bar and pizzeria). In this program, Randy discusses the 20% factor in staffing; how theoretical food costs can help you spot potential problems; why you should always open a new restaurant on a Monday; how the “one-third” formula promotes success; how “cross-utilization” can be employed to develop a better menu and save money; how the 7 Step Service System works; and more. (68 minutes)

Films on Demand

    Films on Demand is a web-based digital video delivery service that allows you instant 24/7 access to over 6,200 full-length programs and 65,800 video segments grouped into prearranged subject-specific categories: Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science & Mathematics, Health & Medicine, Technical Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Careers & Job Search, and Guidance & Counseling.   

   There are several streaming videos on Entrepreneurship and/or Small Business in Films on Demand.  When entering search terms, there is a dropdown menu for you to select if you want to search these terms in the title of the video, a segment of the video, or in the transcript. Click the icon below and have fun!

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

   This program explores the process of setting up a business enterprise by following the story of Olive—a dynamic young woman with a passion for social media. As Olive begins her own e-business in the competitive field of media monitoring, viewers learn just what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, including careful research and planning, finding a niche market, promoting the new company, and more. Throughout the video an app developer, a graphic designer for go-karts, and a fashion designer share their insights into the challenges and rewards of starting their own business. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (19 minutes)