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Game Development: Streaming Video from Films on Demand

This is a guide to selected library resources on the many aspects of computer/video game development, including game creation and game programming.

Films on Demand

    Films on Demand is a web-based digital video delivery service that allows you instant 24/7 access to over 6,200 full-length programs and 65,800 video segments grouped into prearranged subject-specific categories: Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science & Mathematics, Health & Medicine, Technical Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Careers & Job Search, and Guidance & Counseling.   

   There are several streaming videos on game development in Films on Demand.  When entering search terms, there is a dropdown menu for you to select if you want to search these terms in the title of the video, a segment of the video, or in the transcript. Click the icon below and have fun!

Animation in Multimedia

   This program takes students through the range of techniques used in the production of modern animation. Beginning with the various methods of creating an animation, the video explores aspects such as character development, backgrounds, adding sound and voice, and the use of wire frame in 3-D work. The many roles in an animation team, including producers, directors, computer technicians, artists, and voice actors are also considered, along with applications such as computer games, advertisements, and film. The video makes extensive use of animation footage and interviews with leading industry representatives. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (29 minutes)

Game On! Inside the Video Game Industry

Video games have come a long way since Pong and Pac-Man, and the development of that $25 billion industry is filled with useful business and technology case studies. This CNBC program explores the history of video gaming and takes viewers behind the scenes of the industry’s success stories and failures. Interviews with key figures—including the architect of Xbox, the former chairman of Nintendo of America, and the founding father of video game technology—illuminate the birth, evolution, and present-day dynamics of the video game market. In addition to the corporate side of the industry, the program examines the cutting-edge process of computer game product development.

Modern Marvels: 80's Tech

  The 1980s is a decade defined by America's obsession with technology. Yuppies, hackers, and valley girls created a new language in fashion as well as the consumer culture that naturally followed. At their core, the products that fueled this consumerism all had one thing in common—the microchip. Take a closer look at this period in time that began with Pac Man and ended with the personal computer.