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Geography: Find Books/E-books

Library Resources for Geography

Getting Started

To find books about geography at BCC  Libraries use the on line catalog with your keywords, authors, titles, or subject headings.  Unless you know your title and/or author it might work best to start a search by keyword, for example, 'geography africa' and then use appropriate subject headings appearing in book records that match your criteria.

Here are some Library of Congress subject headings for geography and related topics:

geography      biogeography      geography [name of region, country, state, etc.]      economic geography      environmental geography     human geography    mathematical geography       geography study and teaching       maps        cartography      voyages and travels      urban geography     rural geography      geography ancient      geographic information systems      geography history           map projections          digital mapping             geography philosophy     remote sensing             discoveries in geography      adventure and adventurers         ocean travel          scientific expeditions


Expand your search

If you can't find what you are looking for in BCC Libraries expand your search from the drop down menu to search "Everything"

Online catalog

Place a Hold

If you find a book but it isn't at a library close to you place a "HOLD" and have it shipped to any  BCC campus. You will be prompted for your library bar code which is the 22777 number on the back of your BCC I.D. card. Your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number. If you are not sure what your pin is contact any BCC library to find out. 

place a hold