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Massage Therapy: Streaming Videos

An introduction to the services and resources for Massage Therapy students at Bristol Community College.

What is?...

BCC Libraries provides access to a collection of streaming videos specific for massage therapy. To the left is a brief description of the selected titles and listed below are instructions on how to access.

Please visit the database Films On Demand for further streaming videos on your topic.

Films On Demand videos are accessible on campus and off campus with a valid AccessBCC ID activated at the library. If the barcode on the back of your ID is not working (22777...) please visit the Library at any of the three campuses to activate.

Any questions please email me @ Melanie Johnson.

Films on Demand

Swedish Massage: An Essential Massage Training Video
In this two-section program—updated and a full hour long!—licensed massage therapist Richard Sager presents a step-by-step tutorial on how to give a Swedish massage. Demonstrating on a draped male client, he begins by clearly explaining four styles of strokes: effleurage (sliding), petrissage (kneading), friction (cross fiber), and tapotement (rhythmic tapping). Sager also advises on draping methods, on ways to rest the hands, and on oil and lotion use. In the video’s second section, Sager performs a full, uninterrupted Swedish massage. With detailed instruction, tips, and recommendations, this video is perfect for bodywork students or for anyone interested in massage techniques. Run time: 60

How Touch Makes Sense of the World
This Science Screen Report examines the sense of touch not only as a means of physical sensation, but also as the most basic way of communicating and interacting with one’s environment. The program highlights the human body’s methods for detecting and evaluating external stimuli, and outlines scientific approaches to helping people with an impaired tactile sense. Presenting human touch as a mechanism for survival and happiness, this program is an ideal component for any study of the senses in anatomy or psychology. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to National Science Education Standards. Produced in association with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology and the Junior Engineering Technical Society. Run time: 16

The People’s Medicine
Apart from acupuncture and ginseng, most people are woefully ignorant about Eastern medicine. In fact, Chinese medicine is based on a tradition dating back as much as 2,000 years. This long-standing tradition includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and therapy through diet. Thought of as alternative medicine in Western countries, this type of treatment is common throughout East Asia, accounting for an estimated 40 percent of all Chinese health care. During the 1950s, China’s government began to enlarge the Chinese medical tradition with modern scientific concepts. Filmed in southwest China, this film takes stock of the many and varied weapons in the average Chinese doctor’s arsenal against illness. A BBC Production. Run time: 50

Reflexology and Massage
Can human touch really treat and cure medical conditions, even those affecting the body’s vital organs? Scholar and science communicator Dr. Kathy Sykes investigates, speaking with reflexology practitioners and skeptical mainstream scientists. Despite the supposedly exotic beginnings of touch therapies, Sykes’s inquiry begins in upstate New York, where reflexology originated in the 1930s, then moves to Florida, where the actual term for the practice was coined. Studying developments in China and the Dominican Republic, Sykes examines the ongoing debate over claims by craniosacral therapists and other touch-related specialists, while examining their involvement in the treatment of arthritis, infertility, cerebral palsy, and cancer. Original Open University broadcast title: Reflexology. Run time: 60

Laying on of Hands: Touch—The Healing Arts
The power of the human hand as a healing agent has a long and diverse history. Osteopathy and chiropractic therapy link ancient and modern theories of body structure and healing, but to a certain extent they remain outliers when it comes to mainstream medical practice. This program travels to China, Ireland, and England as it shows how a growing number of hospitals have discovered the value of touch in helping patients. Illustrating aspects of massage, osteopathy, chiropractic care, and faith healing, the film also examines touch in reducing psychological tension and presents case studies in which a newborn baby and a blind child benefit from these kinds of therapies. A BBC Production. A part of the series The Healing Arts. Run time: 50

Feel Good Again: 25 Ways to Stop the Pain
Pain is everywhere: 10 million Americans suffer from back pain, 8 million have fibromyalgia, and 40 million are living with chronic headaches—not to mention the millions who must cope every day with arthritis, restless legs syndrome, and aching muscles. This collection of 25 video clips features new drugs, procedures, and alternative therapies helping to fight the pain “pandemic.” With an average length of 90 seconds, each mini-case study functions as a visual aid for instructors as well as physicians or medical support staff who want to increase communication with patients. Run time: 42

Physical Therapy Aide and Massage Therapist

From Title: Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide

The duties physical therapy aides may legally perform differ from state to state. Massage therapists complete training programs and work in a variety of settings including private practice, hospitals, chiropractic offices, spas, and resorts. Run time: 01:49

Destination: Library

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