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Nursing: Journals

An introduction to the services and resources for Nursing students at Bristol Community College.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.

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Nursing : Research and Reviews
Subjects: Nursing, Medicine
Publisher: Dove Medical Press
Journal Language: English
ISSN(s): 2230-522X
Keywords: patient care, nursing care
Home page:
Country of publication: New Zealand

Journals and Magazines

There are many sources in the library where one can locate journals - which contain the articles - required for research.  There is the traditional method of print and microfilm, where you have to go to the library and photocopy or print out the information you need.

We also subscribe to a plethora of on-line databases, which provide access to the full text journal on-lineStudents are able to type in a variety of topics, for instance "nursing, HIPAA, wound care" either separately or together as a string, and the databases searches and finds a multitude of information in the form of articles which can be accessed.  BCC students are able to access the databases from home.

In addition, we have provided links to "open source" journals and articles, which means that the publisher is "allowing" the journal and articles within to be accessed for free.


American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
Print Holdings - 1985-2005

Canadian Nurse
Print Holdings - 1965-1989

International Journal of Nursing Knowledge
Online Access via Wiley Online Library

Online Access via Ebsco EJS

Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing
Print Holdings - 1985-1997

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services
Print Holdings - 1981-2005; Current 2 Years

MCN: American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing
Print Holdings - 1980-2005; Current Year

Print Holdings - 1982-2005; Current Year

Nursing Clinics of North America
Print Holdings - 1985-2005; Current Year

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy
Print Holdings - Current Year

Nursing Outlook
Print Holdings - 1985-2005; Current Year

Nursing Research
Print Holdings - 1980-2005

American Nurse

American Nurse Today

                 ISSN: 1930-5583
                 Subject: Medicine -- Nursing

Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care

  • Academic OneFile 2007 - 2011

    ISSN: 1557-1459 Online ISSN: 1557-1467
    Subject: Medicine -- Nursing

BMC nursing

                     ISSN: 1472-6955
                    Subject: Medicine -- Nursing

Critical Care Nurse

                   ISSN: 0279-5442 Online ISSN: 1940-8250
                   Subject: Medicine -- Nursing

Evidence-based nursing

              ISSN: 1367-6539 Online ISSN: 1468-9618
              Subject: Medicine -- Nursing

MedSurg Nursing

Nursing Education Perspectives

                 ISSN: 1536-5026
                 Subject: Nursing Education

What is Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder

Full Text Finder is a new state-of-the-art publication search service that includes your knowledgebase and a suite of holdings management tools and is designed to replace the existing EBSCO A-to-Z Reader Site.  Full Text Finder  is a searchable database from Ebsco that allows you to locate journals within the collection of print and online journals.  It includes journals we have access to within the many databases to which we subscribe. 

For instance, if you type in a journal we have online access to, Full Text Finder is going to direct you to the full text page with a list of what database it is located and the time frame in which coverage is provided: 

Critical Care Nurse


If we do not have online access, Full Text Finder is going to let you know we have the title in print.

American Journal of Nursing

ISSN: 0002-936X

If there is no access to a title in which you need for your research, you may place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for the article title.