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American Sign Language: Book-A-Librarian

This guide provides starting points for research in American Sign Language.

What is Book-A-Librarian?

Our Book-A-Librarian service is open to all BCC students, faculty, and staff.

This service allows you to "book" time with a librarian so that we can sit down and help you, one-on-one, with your research.

Perhaps you're a member of the faculty that's doing research for a paper? Book-A-Librarian!

Perhaps you're a student frustrated with a tough research assignment? Book-A-Librarian!

We have librarians available on all four BCC campuses. 

Book-A-Librarian today!

Book-A-Librarian not right for you?

If you don't feel that a 1-on-1 appointment with a librarian is right for you, use our Ask-A-Librairan Page for other ways to find help.