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MAR101: Marking Mix Project (Hall)

Researching Products and Markets

There is a lot to do when researching products and markets- and many databases to use in your research. Here are a few research tips for you that I think will help you be successful this semester. 

  • Use the guidance in your Market Mix Project Assignment breakdown under Step Three to guide your research. (ex: Target Marget, Product Decisions, Place Decisions, etc.)
  • Each database may be used in multiple ways for each part of step three. You may find yourself visiting each database for more than one task.
  • Break things down into smaller parts, and look at each part of the database to identify which one can best give you what you need

Don't forget the 4P's of the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, & Promotion!

Market Research

Market research includes things like demographic and target market information (Demographics Now is a great databases for indentifying information about people) and how the general market is going for a specific industry. 

Product Research