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ENG101: College Writing (Castro)


Welcome to the ENG101 College Writing Research Guide.  This guide will help you to identify resources that will help you with your research paper.

About This Guide

This guide offers assistance in locating high quality materials from the BCC libraries and the web for all your ENG 101 writing assignment.


The Vietnam War was not only America's longest conflict but, excluding the Civil War, its most divisive. Beginning in the aftermath of World War II and lasting into the 1970s, U.S. involvement in Vietnam, indeed throughout Southeast Asia, grew progressively from an advisory effort into a major war. Eventually, over fifty thousand Americans and millions of Asians were killed, and the United States spent hundreds of billions of dollars in a failed effort to prevent a victory by Nationalist-Communist forces in Vietnam. Domestically, the war opened deep civil wounds as millions of Americans opposed U.S. intervention in Vietnam and created one of the largest mass protest movements in American history.  From an a topic in the library database Credo Reference (if you are off campus you will need your 900# to log into this page) (photo Wikimedia Commons in the Public Domain).