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HST 111: The West and the World (Botelho)


This is a research guide for your study of societies and cultures from prehistory through the Renaissance, emphasizing the interaction between the West and the world in order to understand the current world. The tools and strategies in this guide will assist you in locating and evaluating resources for your annotated bibliography.  If you have any questions, please contact me or another BCC Librarian at a campus library convenient to you.


Ruins of the Roman ColosseumMedieval street in Italy

Image Source (left): Lensnmatter. Resurrection of the Parthenon. (2015, March 22).

Image Source (middle): Rixpix6. Roman Colosseum. (2012, May). 

Image Source (right): Elias Rovielo. Case-torri Buomparenti, Volterra, Italy. (2017, March 4). 

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