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Learning Styles Myths



Peer-reviewed, review paper (2008) 

One of the most often cited papers to help dispel the myth. 

Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence - Harold Pashler, Mark McDaniel, Doug Rohrer, Robert Bjork, 2008 ( 

Peer-reviewed, review paper (2015) 

The Learning Styles Myth is Thriving in Higher Education - PMC ( 

How to address persistence of neuromyths by teachers (2021) 

Interventions to Dispel Neuromyths in Educational Settings-A Review - PubMed ( 

Persistence of Neuromyths by students (2021) 

Debunking the Neuromyth of Learning Style - PubMed ( 

Popular Press 

Belief in learning styles myth may be detrimental ( 

It’s actually harmful to continue to perpetuate the myth of learning styles as limited educational resources are being spent on debunked pedagogy instead of empirically supported best practices. 

Is Research-Based Instruction a Reality in Education? The Example of Learning Styles and Dual Coding — Psych Learning Curve 

The Stubborn Myth of “Learning Styles” - Education Next 

Web Based Resources/ Ted Talks 

Ted Talk on Myth of Learning Styles. Data-driven explanation of encoding “meaning” versus different processing streams. Excellent Ted Talk for academics who are data-driven.