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Student WorkStudy Training Guide: HELM


HELM is an inter-library association of south eastern Massachusetts educational institutions that BCC is a member of. With HELM, students have access to a wide variety of materials, which can be shipped to them. Likewise, we at BCC send out our materials to other HELM libraries for borrowing. 

HELM: Staff Side

As a staff member, you'll access HELM through our library management software, Koha. This software will allow you to check materials in and out, search the catalog to answer patron inquiries, and much more. You'll be trained in how to use Koha by your supervisor: it's a very straight forward program that you'll master the basics of quite handily. 

HELM: Patron Side

Patrons, however, will access the HELM catalog through the patron side. This website will allow them to search the catalog for materials at any HELM library, or they can limit their searches to only BCC. This site also allows them to place material on hold to be picked up later. Here is a link to the public HELM catalog: familiarize yourself with it in order to understand what patrons are looking at when they ask you questions.